Dean's Message

Faculty of Management is one of the oldest institutions of Atılım University. We adhere closely to our University’s main principles: we endeavour to train and educate our students to ensure that they all become very efficient and capable individuals in their fields of study as well as in their professional life following their graduation. It is also our endeavour to make sure that our students acquire and develop a high degree of social responsibility.  Our academics, who have obtained their training and education from respected national and international universities, do their best to produce up-to-date-knowledge for the use of our students.

Sticking to our University’s vision of bringing up highly skilled individuals, we aim to leave our footprint to the future. To that end, it is our goal to reach and sustain perfection in all respect and continue with our trekking into the future.

Our Faculty has grown steadily since its establishment in the academic year of 1997 and 1998 both in terms of the numbers of departments as well as the student intake. I am pleased to announce that we now have ten fully-fledged departments offering programmes in English, Turkish or both. For instance, we have departments of Management, Economics, Political Sciences and Public Administration as well as Public Finances whose teaching medium is Turkish. We also have English medium departments, such as Management, Economics, International Relations, International Trade and Logistics, Tourism and Hotel Management and Public Relations and Advertisement.

We take a lively interest in bringing about an international atmosphere in our Faculty and we do everything we can to make sure that our students get the best education to brush up their English. In addition to Prep School and further obligatory English classes, we have now initiated a pilot project with a view to contributing to the English levels of our students in various departments. In order to internationalise our Faculty, we have set up Erasmus exchanges with a number of European universities and we are in the process of establishing further Erasmus ties to others. I would like to point out that our University in general and our Faculty in particular has become a hub for foreign students, something we do our best to carry on further.

We have lately introduced obligatory internships for all departments to enable our students to obtain knowledge and experience of business life at a very early stage. We cooperate with private firms through our Career Planning Office so that our students get real life experience in business world. We encourage our students to do their internships in well-established firms and we provide them with every opportunity to find part-time work, while doing their third and final years here, to be better prepared for work following graduation. I would like to emphasize in particular our cooperation in this respect with the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Centre, one of the best known hotels in Ankara.

We are going to set up a ‘Point of Contact’, in collaboration with Turkish Employment Agency (Türkiye İş Kurumu – İŞKUR) from September 2014 onwards, that will be keeping our students posted of all employment opportunities while studying here.

For further information about our Faculty, do get in touch with me and the other academics, in particular heads of departments.