Research Laboratories

Sosyal Bilimler Araştırma ve Eğitim Laboratuvarı

Social Sciences Research and Teaching Laboratory (SAEL)

SAEL is a multidisciplinary social sciences methods laboratory, founded at Atılım University, with the mission of increasing the quality of social science research in Turkey and of fostering collaboration across a wide range of disciplines related to the social sciences. 

As part of this mission, SAEL provides infrastructure support and hands-on research training opportunities for a wide spectrum of researchers.  Participants in SAEL’s education programs include faculty, staff and students of Atılım University and other universities who are working on projects or writing dissertations; employees of public institutions involved in the making of policy; and researchers in the private sector who wish to acquire or update skills in applied analysis.     

SAEL currently provides short, intensive weekend workshop programs in qualitative and quantitative methods.  The workshops are open to all researchers interested in learning new methodologies and doing computer-aided research, and include training in a variety of introductory to advanced topics.  SPSS, STATA, EViews, MATLAB and R are among the statistical packages used in SAEL’s programs. 

SAEL also provides custom-designed training and education programs to public and private institutions in introductory and advanced statistical techniques, including impact evaluation analysis.  Programs are tailored to the specific research or educational needs of applicants and designed in consultation with them.  The Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Work and Social Security are among the institutions that have participated in these training programs this year.  

SAEL’s instructors are highly qualified and among the best in their fields, with extensive experience in the qualitative and quantitative research methods taught at the laboratory.  

Goals for the near future include collaboration with post doctoral researchers and invited scholars from Turkey and abroad.  English language workshops will also be available soon.

The staff of SAEL are always pleased to meet researchers who share our interest in the learning of cutting edge applied methods in the social sciences.   

We look forward to meeting you.