Research Laboratories

Siyasi ve Ekonomik Araştırmalar Laboratuvarı (SEAL)

Political and Economic Research Laboratory (PERL), as a research laboratory, is conducting studies in economic and political sciences with the aim of increasing the research opportunities in social sciences in Turkey, producing academic knowledge on local, regional and global current issues, and dissemination of produced knowledge to a wide range of audiences.

PERL aims to be one of the leading research centers through an interdisciplinary point of view in social research. Main focus areas of PERL are economic and political research. These reach papers are published in PERL’s web site. In this respect, PERL is performing the following activities:

  • Preparing weekly briefing notes on current issues,
  • Preparing reports prepared to give detailed information on regional and global issues,
  • Preparing academic research projects,
  • Publishing journal articles and books.


Political research section of PERL mainly focuses on the issues of democracy and elections in Turkey. Studies on democracy in Turkey aims to analyze the advancement of Turkey in democratization process by focusing particularly on citizenship, laws and rights, representative and responsible government, civil society and public participation, and democracy beyond state. In addition, studies on elections particularly focus on behavior of political actors in election campaigns in Turkey.

Economic research section of PERL mainly concentrates on studies of labor market, entrepreneurship, inflation, and economic demography. So far, several studies have been conducted on transformation of sectoral allocation and socio-demographic determinants of labor mobility, informal employment, income differentials between households, socio-demographic determinants of entrepreneurship and self-employment, and demographic change and its economic consequences in Turkey.